Submissions directly from authors: 

We are a small team and we work hard making and marketing our authors’ books. Therefore we cannot accept unsolicited submissions from writers as we don’t have the time to consider them properly and respond. The only submissions we accept are from agents or publishers who act as a filter and check for suitability before sending material to us. Please note unsolicited submissions will be deleted and not read.

If you are an author looking for an agent, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Go to an independent bookshop, tell them what you are doing and why, and ask if it’s OK to look through their stock (and ideally buy a book at the end of the session)
  2. Check they won’t mind if you take photos of about eight books which you think are similar in style and content to yours
  3. Search online for the author’s agent by typing author’s name + literary agent into your browser
  4. Contact the relevant agent explaining why you believe they might be interested in representing you, given their taste and track record. Good luck!

Submissions from agents and other publishers: 

Please email with a synopsis and covering note before sending the whole proposal or manuscript. 

What kind of books do we publish?

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