Open Submissions

The Indigo Press is holding an open submissions window from the 3-9 May 2021.

We are an independent publisher of international literature and creative non-fiction, based in London. Guided by a spirit of internationalism, feminism and socialism, we publish books to make readers see the world afresh, question their behaviour and beliefs, and imagine a better future.

We publish in three main formats: non-fiction in large paperback with flaps (usually at £12.99), fiction in a smaller paperback format with flaps (usually at £10.99), and our Mood Indigo essay series, in a compact paperback format with flaps (usually at £7.99).

What are we looking for?

We are looking for writing which will help us and our readers to navigate the twenty-first century world.

We may or may not be post-pandemic, but we won’t ever be pre-pandemic again. We also won’t be prelapsarian – degradation of the environment is inevitable and it’s a case of damage limitation now. Similarly, it will be hard not to view the universal through a lens of identity politics, culture wars and populism, although we’d be interested in hearing from writers who can imagine an alternative future for radical thought.

We are looking for literary fiction and creative non-fiction. We prefer to publish contemporary novels and passionate and polemic essays suitable for our Mood Indigo series (25,000-30,000 words). We would love to hear from a wide range of voices and we don’t mind if you’re an established writer or hoping to make your debut.

General guidelines

1. All submissions should be sent to, marking the subject line as the title of the piece of work you are submitting. We will not accept postal submissions

2. Only submit a finished manuscript which you are happy with and feel is of publishable standard. We will not accept proposals

3. During this submission window we are only accepting writing in the English language

4. We are not currently accepting poetry and short story collections, scripts, graphic novels, young adult or children’s books, but keep an eye on our social media for future open submissions

5. Any submissions made after the closing date won’t be considered

6. As part of your submission, please include a one-page cover letter which offers an overview of your submission and information about yourself. This should include relevant professional achievements and any previous writing credits you may have

7. Please email all submissions as a PDF or Word Document. We will not accept any links to downloadable material

8. We aim to get back to you within 2 months of the submission date. If you have not heard from us after that time, we unfortunately have decided your work is not suitable for us on this occasion

9. For further information about our general Terms & Conditions, read our Privacy Policy