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Lily O’Farrell

This is an exclusive cartoon published by The Indigo Press

About the cartoonist

Lily O’Farrell is a cartoonist from London. She studied Sociology at the University of Manchester, has dragged her observations around the London open mic comedy circuit and has been told she has ‘an attitude problem’ by most of the men who’ve employed her.

In 2017 whilst working as a waitress, she started doodling on the back of receipts (she was a terrible waitress). Since then, she’s grown a large online following with her funny drawings about the everyday annoyances of womanhood.

You can preorder Lily’s first book Kyle Theory here


Our gift to you…

These cartoons are part of a collection of works exclusive to The Indigo Press. Our authors have put together moving, insightful and entertaining pieces in conjunction with and in celebration of the publication of their books with the press.

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