Epic Annette (eBook)


Anne Weber

Translated by Tess Lewis

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208 pages
ISBN 978-1911648451
Cover design © Luke Bird
Cover photo (left) by permission of the estate of Anne Beaumanoir
Cover photo (right) © Hermance Triay

Could you put your beliefs before your family?

Epic Annette is the extraordinary true story of Annette Beaumanoir: brilliant and fierce, she was a medical student living in a world at war who, at nineteen years old, joined the French Resistance and saved the lives of two Jewish children in Paris on the eve of their deportation to the camps.

As a doctor and mother devoted to justice and equality, Annette was later found guilty of treachery for supporting the Algerian FLN in France and sentenced to ten years in prison. The story of her dramatic escape, trial in absentia and decades in exile, separated from her children, resembles that of the great heroes whose love for individuals had to compete with their destiny and love of humanity.

Annette will remain with you forever. With this gripping personal tale of heroism and grief, author Anne Weber joins Homer in her ability to conjure a titan in an epic poem.


‘Annette is a rare heroine whose fierce courage almost demands an unusual, and beautiful, account of her life. She stood out in life and this epic will ensure that she is honoured in death. She deserves nothing less.’
—Anne Sebba, author of Les Parisiennes

‘A bold and moving exploration of the ethics of heroism.’
—Times Literary Supplement (review of the German Edition)

‘A riveting and highly original retelling of the life of Annette Beaumanoir.’
—The Bookseller

‘A novel about courage, resilience, and the struggle for freedom.’ 
—German Book Prize Judges

‘[Anne Weber makes] the warmth and vibrant energy of a unique, very individual life palpable.’
—Die Berliner Zeitung

‘It pushes linguistic, narrative and genre conventions to their limits, while posing big ethical questions, as its heroine’s idealism comes up against dirty realpolitik.’
—Times Literary Supplement (review of the German Edition)

‘A reading delight from start to finish.’
—Die Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Annette, not long out of childhood herself, leads
the two children through the night. They
reach the portes de Paris, the old fortifications,
and don’t know if these gates will open
onto a new future or onto death.

… In these moments,
Annette is unaware that she is balanced on a ridge
because it is engulfed in a fog that will only lift
much later. We see her, a precipice on either side,
looking straight ahead without hesitation.

French edition


German edition

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