Ivana Bartoletti

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Ivana Bartoletti

Ivana Bartoletti is a privacy and ethics consultant, and supports businesses in their privacy by design programmes, especially in relation to Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. Her interests include AI, data ethics and feminism. She co-founded the Women Leading in AI Network, a lobby group that empowers women to shape the norms of AI, and is the chair of the Fabian Society.

Ivana was named Woman of the Year 2019 in the Cyber Security Awards. With an academic background in human rights and law, Ivana has previously worked as adviser to the Minister of Human Rights and as Information Governance Manager at the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management.

An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics and AI

AI has unparalleled transformative potential to reshape society but without legal scrutiny, international oversight and public debate, we are sleepwalking into a future written by algorithms which encode regressive biases into our daily lives. As governments and corporations worldwide embrace AI technologies in pursuit of efficiency and profit, we are at risk of losing our common humanity: an attack that is as insidious as it is pervasive.

Leading privacy expert Ivana Bartoletti exposes the reality behind the AI revolution, from the low-paid workers who train algorithms to recognise cancerous polyps, to the rise of data violence and the symbiotic relationship between AI and right-wing populism. Impassioned and timely, An Artificial Revolution is an essential primer to understand the intersection of technology and geopolitical forces shaping the future of civilisation, and the political response that will be required to ensure the protection of democracy and human rights.

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