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The Indigo Press is an independent publisher of contemporary fiction and non-fiction, based in London. Guided by a spirit of internationalism, feminism and social justice, we publish books to make readers see the world afresh, question their behaviour and beliefs, and imagine a better future.

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PEN Translates awards announced

We’re thrilled that Annette: An Epic Heroine by Anne Weber, translated from the German by Tess Lewis has won English PEN’s flagship translation award, among other brilliant books from 15 countries and 13 languages. The 18 awards go to titles by 17 different publishers and include novels, short story collections, reportage, poetry collections and epic verse, children’s literature and political writing.

Previous Events

Live In-Person: Lucia Osborne-Crowley and Alice Hattrick in Edinburgh | 11 November 2021 | 8pm GMT | Topping & Company Booksellers

Gower St Indie Spotlight: Lucia Obsorne-Crowley on My Body Keeps Your Secrets, hosted by Alya Mooro | 7 October 2021 | 6.30pm BST | Waterstones Gower Street

Surviving Trauma: Alice Hattrick, Catriona Morton and Lucia Osborne-Crowley hosted by Sam Mills | 6 October 2021 | 6.30-8pm BST | Manchester

The Social Gathering & White Rabbit in conversation with Anna Wood | 19 July 2021 | 6-10pm BST

Exclusive Essay

Control of Our Destinies: On #MeToo & Who is to blame.

For the first time, The Indigo Press is releasing an exclusive essay written by Sam Mills in celebration of the publication of her Mood Indigo Essay: Chauvo-Feminism: On Sex, Power & #MeToo

Exclusive Essay

What Will Become of You?

You find £7000 on the pavement, in fives, tens and twenties. It’s quite a bundle. There’s no one around. What do you do?

Anna Wood, whose debut short story collection Yes Yes More More is published by The Indigo Press, asks what will become of you?

Take the quick quiz and find out exactly where your life is headed. 

Elizabeth Chakrabarty in conversation with Jenna Clake | 24 May 2021

UEA Live: New Writing with UEA Anna Wood | 18 May 2021

UEA Live: New Writing with UEA alumna @annawoodyes reading from Yes Yes More More. Email for the link.

Author photograph © Grace Gelder

Elizabeth Chakrabarty in conversation with Nikita Gill | 18 May 2021

Join author Elizabeth Chakrabarty in conversation with poet Nikita Gill this Tuesday to celebrate the publication of Elizabeth Chakrabarty’s thrilling debut novel, Lessons In Love and Other Crimes.

Anna Wood in conversation with Alice Slater | 13 May 2021

Anna Wood joined Alice Slater on Instagram Live to celebrate the publication of Anna Wood’s jubilant short story collection, Yes Yes More More.

Lucia Osborne-Crowley joins the Know Your Endo panel | 27 April 2021

Kirstie Millar chairs a discussion on endometriosis and writing with authors Lucia Osborne-Crowley, Karen Havelin and Jessica Murnanes. Hosted by Ache.

Elizabeth Chakrabarty on the Polari Podcast | 13 April 2021

Elizabeth Chakrabarty joins artist Nick Field, Sophia Blackwell and Out South London to discuss her debut novel on Resonance FM.

Elizabeth Chakrabarty on #ThisIsMyVoice Podcast | 12 April 2021

A series of conversations, highlighting the work of Black and Asian people in the arts. The #ThisIsMyVoice podcast chats to @DrNChakrabarty about her debut novel Lessons In Love And Other Crimes. They discuss cracking the publishing industry as a person of colour, and how to write about love and hate.

Elizabeth Chakrabarty joins Polari live events | 8 April 2021
London’s award-winning LGBTQ+ literary salon. Hosted by author Paul Burston with guests Elizabeth Chakrabarty, Nikita Gill & Musa Okwonga.

Ukamaka Olisakwe in conversation with Chika Unigwe | 15 March 2021

To celebrate the American publication of Ogadinma Or, Everything Will Be Alright, author @msolisakwe joined @realchikaunigwe on a Zoom event. Watch the highlights below:

Sam Mills in conversation with Emma Jane Unsworth | 24 February 2021

Join The Indigo Press as we welcome Sam Mills and Emma Jane Unsworth in celebrating the publication of Chauvo-Feminism: On Sex, Power & #MeToo, Sam’s highly anticipated new Mood Indigo essay.

MEDIA PARTNER: Brixton Review of Books | SIGNED COPIES AVAILABLE: Burley Fisher Books

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